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What’s so Different about Super Mario Galaxy ISO Anyway?

Let’s get one thing clear. There is no shortage of Super Mario Galaxy related or even Nintendo console-related games on the Internet. There are tons of ISO titles competing for your attention, time and, of course, money.

Which is which? How can you make heads or tails of all the different titles out there? In fact, if you were to give them all equal weight and importance, you’re just going to run out of time. Seriously. Real story. No joke.

There are only twenty-four hours in a day and Nintendo is so awesome in cranking out one amazing title after another it’s easy to lose count. It’s easy to just try to buy all of them or download and install all the ISOs and lose time. It really would be a shame to see all these un-played ISO’s on your DVD device.

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How do you draw the line? Where do you draw the line? How can you make sense of all of these amazing choices?

The funny thing about ISO entertainment is that a lot of people that they are looking for freedom of choice. It is quite shocking that it’s actually the other way around. When you give them that freedom of choice that they say that they need, they start behaving like they’re actually looking to find freedom from choice. Funny how that works, right?

This is definitely the case with all these ISO titles floating through the Internet. Thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web, there are simply too many games out there and not enough time.

This is why a lot of people are on the fence regarding installing and playing Super Mario Galaxy ISO. What is so awesome about this game that it deserves to be put in front of the line among many Nintendo titles? You don’t necessarily have to be a die-hard, hardcore Nintendo console game fan to admit or realize that there are lots of amazing titles for this platform.

The great thing about Super Mario is that it grew up in the Nintendo environment. Of course, this environment began with arcade kiosks or arcade game units that then migrated to home consoles. That’s how old-school Nintendo is. It’s not like just a new invention. It is part of a tradition.

In fact, a lot of people are saying that Nintendo is a way of life. It really has a way of coming back and becoming relevant after a fairly a long absence. It’s always a bad idea to try to count Nintendo out. You might think it’s down for the count or it’s gone for good but guess what? Just like herpes, it keeps coming back. Sometimes better than ever or, in many cases, more notorious than ever.

Whatever the case may be it cannot be denied. This is one brand that you simply cannot sweep under the rug without you missing out. This is what makes the decision regarding whether to download and install the Super Mario Galaxy ISO such an ordeal. You don’t want to miss out. You don’t want to think that since this game was released several years back that it is no longer relevant.

Super Mario Galaxy ISOYou think that you really don’t have that luxury. You might be thinking that you will miss out on a tremendous amount of old-school Nintendo fun if you start thinking along those lines.

Well, there’s a lot of truth to that hunch. Here are just some reasons why this game is different. Please understand that just because there are some differences, it doesn’t necessarily mean that each of these reasons should be justifications for you downloading and installing this ISO. We’re not quite there yet, but if you think that these are good reasons for trying out this game, then go for it.

I really can’t quite commit to recommending this game either way because everybody is different. We all have different experiences. We all come from different walks of life. We all have different ways of looking at the world. Believe it or not all these seemingly small differences or cosmetic differences can add up.

That’s why with everything else being equal, I really can’t say I’m in a position to say that you should absolutely download and install a Super Mario Galaxy ISO. That takes quite a bit of a commitment because when you do that, you end up excluding others. People would then step up and say, “What about this title? What about that?” It gets messy really quickly. It gets old quick.

The better approach is to step away from clear-cut, one-size-fits-all recommendations and just focus on what’s specific regarding a particular game, what it builds on, what its innovations are, and then let the chips fall where they may be.

Seriously. This is the only approach that actually works because this is the only approach that comes anywhere close to addressing the differences among different gamers. We’re all different.

Some are just so in love with open world games that they have pretty much given up on any other kind of platform games probably being at the top of the list. Others are looking for a lighter, more casual experience, and that’s where platform games like many Nintendo titles come in handy.

However, the problem is they are too handy. There are just so many of them. So, what makes the Super Mario Galaxy ISO so distinctive that you might want to take a look at it? Here are just some of the most common reasons people give.

3D Space Action

You may be thinking to yourself, “So what? I’ve seen 3D games before. I’ve played more than my fair share of 3d games. What makes this game stand out?” Well, if you have played Super Mario in 2D in the classic Donkey Kong arcade kiosk game, prepare to get your mind blown.

In fact, this game really takes 3D rendering to a whole other level. You can move around. You can go in circles. You can go through the top. You can go through the side. There are just so many camera angles. It’s just downright crazy.

That’s how awesome the graphics of this 3D player is because it’s not like you’re just watching a static game and you’re seeing a character progress from stage to stage. It’s not like you’re just babysitting Mario as he goes through maze after maze. It goes beyond that.

The 3D effect is not a gimmick. It is a fundamental element that makes this game cohesive, enjoyable and truly memorable.

The last qualification is a big deal. You might not agree. You might not even be aware of it, but it is a big deal. Why? Let’s face it. Most of the game titles out there are simply too easy to forget. It’s as if you’ve seen one of these games, and you can swear that you’ve seen all other games.

It is no surprise that when you play many platform games, it’s like you have played all the other related platform games. After all, how many ways can you skin a cat? You keep going back to the same place. It’s like you’re chasing your tail. It gets old very quickly.

Well, with Super Mario Galaxy, there’s a bit of a dynamic shift here because you really don’t know how crazy the 3D space action would go, and that’s what’s so refreshing about it. Keep in mind that this is not exactly a new game. This is not hot off the presses. This didn’t just get coded yesterday.

However, it retains a tremendous amount of novelty even though we live in an age of highly developed, highly advanced games. It maintains its charm. I really am not quite prepared to call it classic but it’s getting up there.

3D Strategy

What’s so awesome about this game is that you are forced to adopt a three-dimensional strategy that’s very distinct from a normal two-dimensional strategy. You don’t just pay attention to what’s ahead of you. You pay attention to the side, what’s on top of you, what’s below you and, of course, what’s ahead. This multidimensional approach really takes game strategies to a whole other level and makes the game more fun.

It kind of opens up the wide range of motion that you think you have available to you. This is a big deal because games do not just involve the actual in-game mechanics. I’m talking about the different game elements that the programmers or game designers give you. That’s the obvious stuff. Super Mario Galaxy ISO

Instead, I’m talking about the interplay between the strategies that you come up with and what is given to you in the game. Believe it or not, this is actually what makes or breaks the game. This is the game changer.

If you are choked as far as the range of strategies you have available to you, it’s very easy to think that the game is basically on auto-pilot. At a certain point, you have mastered the game where it basically proceeds on track.

Whatever novelty you may have sensed in the game or perceived in the game early on completely goes up in smoke. Instead, it becomes a chore. This is really the black eye that some earlier Super Mario titles suffer from and, for the life of me, I can’t find it in this particular game.

This is because the 3D strategy really throws me off in a good way. Normally, a lot of people think that when you get thrown off your strategy that it is necessarily bad. Not so. This game proves that.

There is beauty in unpredictability. There is beauty in tentativeness or things not really being quite complete. When you reach a point where you really can’t quite put your finger on something, that can be a good thing. It’s definitely not something that you should automatically run from or quickly judge as bad, deficient or substandard. Super Mario Galaxy ISO

Enjoy Different Game and Puzzle Perspectives

Another great thing I like about this game is that the puzzle perspectives really bring a new element of surprise as well as innovation to this game. You have to understand that generally speaking platform games have a fairly flat and standard puzzle orientation. The puzzles jump out at you. Everything is well-defined. You can pretty much figure out the rules of engagement as far as different puzzle variations go.

In fact, if you really are very perceptive, you can easily blast your way through puzzle after puzzle because oftentimes they become really predictable. Once you know how these different puzzles work, you can basically level so quickly it’s like watching a hot knife going through some cold butter. There’s really not much resistance.

You don’t get that impression with the Super Mario Galaxy ISO. You really don’t. You enjoy different puzzle perspectives. In fact, if you play the game again, you get a totally different perspective. It remains fresh no matter how many times you play it. Believe me that is quite an accomplishment.

Sample the Same Super Mario Game Dynamics in 3D

As awesome as innovation and being kept on your toes may be, a lot has to be said about classic game dynamics. There’s a reason you bought this in the first place. You want to experience a Super Mario game.

Believe me, you will achieve your objective. It does have the same Super Mario game dynamics but with a twist. This enables you to enjoy a dynamic version of the typical Mario game graphics and concepts, the same characters, the same design settings but in a new way.

In fact, if you approach this title with an open-enough mind, you may be able to experience 3D gaming like you have never before. I know that’s quite a big claim to make considering that there are many other 3D games out there. However, in addition to the fact that this is a Super Mario game, which is one of the longest-running and most respected game franchises currently in the market, this game has a lot more to offer.

I keep going back to the fact that the puzzle perspectives and game perspectives change and are affected by the 3D effect, but there’s just something about the typical or classic Super Mario game dynamics rendered in 3D. You get a full range of motion so you can pretty much make your own reality in the game. This just makes it so much more fun. It’s not like you’re playing the game on tracks or you’re led to believe that, at some level or other, that there’s only a fixed amount of outcomes for the game.

Here, you get a sense of invention. You get a sense of dynamic creation, destruction and reinvention. I don’t want to hype up this game, but that’s really the sense that you get. A lot of this owes to the 3D effect.

This is why I could say with a straight face and with absolutely no exaggeration that if you are big into 3D, you might experience that type of gaming like you’ve never before when you play Super Mario Galaxy ISO. To say that this title pushes decade-old Nintendo graphics to the limit would be an understatement.

In fact, I recommend this game to people who normally do not play platform games. If you’re normally big into open world games like a Red Dead Redemption, you might want to consider this game. It’s not only a nice break, but it can also give you a new perspective that might take your open-world gaming performance to a whole other level.

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