Mario Kart Double Dash ISO

Why Should You Download and Install the Mario Kart Double Dash ISO?

If you’re still on the fence regarding the downloading and installing the Mario Kart Double Dash ISO, I really can’t say I blame you. Given all the other freely available ISO games out there, it may seem like going through the hassle of finding, downloading and installing the Mario Kart Double Dash ISO may seem a little bit too much. In fact, a lot of gamer now think in terms of opportunity costs.

Again, I really can’t say I blame them because, given the tremendous amount of gaming options out there, you really have to be vigilant regarding what you spend your time on.

As you probably already know, your time is your most important asset. It’s not your looks, it’s definitely not your IQ, and it’s definitely not your body. It has nothing to do with what’s outside of you and what’s inside of you. Instead, it all boils down to the concept of time. Download Mario Kart Double Dash ISO right now.Mario Kart Double Dash ISO

Why? Time is the raw ingredient of life. It really is.

If you spend time developing your mind, you probably would become a much more knowledgeable person. In fact, a lot of people might think you’re some sort of subject matter expert. This can pay off tremendously when it comes to your work, your education and other areas of your life.

Similarly, if you invest time in your relationships, you would be shocked to find out how much more enriching your relationships are. Old wounds would heal, you would be able to see eye to eye with more people, and you would be held in higher regard. That’s what happens when you invest time in your relationships.

Don’t even get me started about investing time in your physical health or your body.

Make no mistake, if you hit the gym consistently, that spare tire around your midsection will evaporate sooner rather than later. In place of it, don’t be surprised if you have a nice pack of six-pack abs.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, that’s the power of time.

More and more gamers are waking up to this reality, and that’s why they’re thinking twice regarding the ISOs they install. They know that there’s only so much hours in a day. They think that they have a lot of disposable time, but they know better. They know that life is exactly the crapshoot it really is.

There are all sorts of things that pop up that you did not anticipate. You did not even know that they are around the corner. But they happen.

What happens to your time commitment? What happens to your time-budgeting skills? And this is why a lot of gamer are turning on to casual games.

You have to understand that the big difference between casual games and open world games really boils down to time management.

It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that you will be able to manage your time if you play an open world game like Fallout or Grand Theft Auto. Unfortunately, for most people, they’re just playing a trick on themselves. To put it more uncharitably, they are fooling themselves.

It’s kind of like that line from The Godfather: Part III: You thought you were out, but all of a sudden, they pull you back in. Talk about frustrating. Talk about adding insult to injury.

You already have a tough time concentrating and focusing on things that truly matter, but here you are, wasting hour after hour trying to explore every nook and cranny of an open world universe.

This is part of the reason why you should download and install Mario Kart Double Dash ISO. Seriously. Why? This is a classic example of quick, easy and short Nintendo games. Mario Kart Double Dash ISO

There’s no need for a commitment to sit down in front of a terminal and just put in the time. Most people cannot afford to do that. Most people have lives to live. Most people have only a short attention span and they really do not have any business wasting it on a game.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the kind of situation they find themselves in. Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s not unusual for relationships to go through a tough time.

How tough? Well, we’re talking about breakups. Divorce is not unusual.

But unfortunately, it’s not really the person’s fault because once you get trained by your routine to just basically put in hour after hour playing a video game, it seems the most natural thing in the world. In fact, a lot of people defend their video game addiction by saying that it’s part of who they are. They are convinced that this is just part of their personality.

Imagine… putting in all those hours is just part of your personality… It kind of makes you wonder what your personality was like before you got into video games, right? That’s really how shallow that argument is. But hey, it’s an all too common excuse.

This is why the Mario Kart Double Dash ISO really is a blessing to a lot of game fans. It’s kind of like the methadone alternative to open world game heroine. I know I’m mixing metaphors here, but bear with me.

If you are going to be hooked, might as well get hooked on something that’s easier to quit. Mario Kart racing games, while being more fun than a barrel of monkeys, are definitely easier to quit. This is why I highly recommend you rediscover this game.

If you are already a Super Mario fan, you probably have played a few kart games in the past. This is all well and good. But if you are really looking for a quick, easy and disposal game experience, I suggest you revisit the Mario Kart Double Dash ISO.

Not only is it a lot of fun, not only does it enable you to revisit a lot of the classic gameplay Nintendo brings to the table, but it can also save your career. Seriously. Because think about it, if you are at work and all you can think about is the open world game that you have become addicted to, how well do you think you will perform at your place of work?

The same goes with your relationship. If you’re snuggling on a couch with your sweetie and all you can think about is some sort of twist or complication in the open world game that you invest many hours in a day on, how romantic could you be? Are you really investing in your relationship? Are you giving her the attention she deserves? This is serious stuff.

I know a lot of people might chuckle at this. A lot of people might even dismiss this as fairly trivial concerns, but these small things, they add up. Because when you play addictive video games that require hours of your focus and commitment, they actually rewire your brain.

Have you ever noticed that you are very impatient with people? Have you ever noticed that you would actually cut down on bathroom breaks when you play such games? Have you ever noticed that your midsection is getting bigger and bigger because you simply refuse to engage in any kind of physical exercise in the span of a day? These things work against you.

Unfortunately, it’s kind of like watching paint peel. Unless you’re going to sit down and meticulously pay attention to what’s going on, it all kind of comes crashing down. It just happens fairly slowly until you reach a point where that one last straw ends up breaking the camel’s back.

We all reach that tipping point. And this is why I cannot recommend Mario Kart Double Dash ISO enough.

If the addiction angle does not convert you like it would most people, here are some other reasons why you should consider downloading and installing this amazing title.

Awesome Assortment of Kart Options

Mario Kart Double Dash ISOOne of the great things about Mario Kart games, regardless of title, is the fact that you can play around with your kart options. If you have completely unlocked the game, your kart options basically explode. There are just so many different karts you can use.

Now, please understand that some karts are optimized for certain characters. Now, a lot of Super Mario Kart players don’t mind this. They really don’t. Why? They like to mix and match different characters and different cars.

Also, it’s kind of a challenge because we all know that certain characters tend to do better with certain karts. That’s just how the way the karts are designed. In fact, if you think about it hard enough, this is a crucial component of the overall Super Mario Kart game design.

However, there’s a certain thrill or a certain challenge to playing a weird combination. You know that the cards are stacked against you. You know that, with everything else being equal, normally you’re not supposed to win.

And that’s precisely why a lot of people get turned on by such weird pairings of karts. They think that this really is a great opportunity to test out their strategy as well as their gaming skills.

It doesn’t really matter what your reasons are. The fact that there’s a tremendous amount of variety of kart options out there really takes the typical Mario Kart title to a whole other level.

Given the uniqueness of certain game elements in this Double Dash installment, don’t be surprised if your respect and love for everything and anything related to the Mario Kart series grows by leaps and bounds after you have played this game. Mario Kart Double Dash ISO

Experience the Thrill of the Race

This really is the essence of the Mario Kart experience. It really is. You start out with many competitors, but after only a few seconds, you know how the race stacks up.

What’s really awesome about the typical Super Mario Kart Double Dash ISO race is the fact that you really can’t predict who will end up crossing the finish line. You really can’t.

At first it may seem like the character right behind you is going to finish second or first. It may seem that way, but given how the game develops and the random elements in the game, it can easily turn out very differently.

In fact, one of the most awesome thrills of this racing game is the possibility that you start out at the back of the pack. You’re not even an afterthought. But after using the right strategy and using the right random pieces, you find yourself clawing all the way to the top.

There’s a certain classic heroic motif to this. It appeals to a specific part of our collective subconscious. There’s something about the underdog or the person who is taken for granted that makes everybody stand up and cheer.

Let’s face it, all of us, at some level of another, feel like the underdog. Either we feel neglected, under-appreciated, or we feel that we have been made to feel like we don’t matter. Whatever the case may be, when we see another person going through that, we can’t help but empathize.

We have a soft spot for that situation. And, yes, this even applies to video games. When you see a character that seems to be out of place or seems so obviously mismatched, you can’t help but root for that character.

The same applies to playing weird combinations of karts and characters. This is part of the thrill of the race of the Mario Kart series that keeps people coming back again and again to the series.

Different Maps, Different Intensity Levels

Another great thing about Mario Kart is that you can honestly say with a straight face that no one game is the same. There are different maps, there are different difficulty levels, and there are different characters rotated in by random.

All of these small differences, while seemingly insignificant on their own, can actually change the whole trajectory of the game. You may have thought from the beginning that you have the game in the bag, but you might want to think again.

It’s kind of like launching a rocket. Let’s imagine you have two rockets and they look like they are perpendicular to each other. They look like they’re going in the same direction because they have the same angles.

But little do you know that one rocket is actually off by a tiny fraction of a degree. In fact, for all practical purposes, at least as far as we can see here on earth, that rocket really isn’t that much different from the rocket right next to it.

Now, what do you think happens if these rockets have enough fuel to go millions of miles in the galaxy? That’s when you will see the difference. Because right now from our perspective, it may seem very small. But when you scale up that difference over a huge distance, the difference is all too obvious.

That’s what’s so awesome about the typical Super Mario Kart experience. Whatever small differences may seem cosmetic at first, but when everything falls into place and the dust settles, you can see that these small changes actually account for a lot. This is especially true if you play at a very high difficulty setting.

Recapture the Fun of Mario Kart Racing

There’s just something fun about Mario Kart racing. Maybe it’s the random events, maybe it’s the changing maps, maybe it’s the different cars, maybe it’s the modularity of the game where you can mix and match different characters and cars, or maybe it’s a combination of all of these.

There is one thing I can tell you, however, that is absolutely true. There is no other game that brings the same dynamics as Mario Kart racing. Nobody even comes close.

While I’m not saying that this is the absolute best racing game to ever exist, it does have its own personality. Given how much variety there currently is in the casual console game market, that’s saying a lot.

Unfortunately, a very troubling percentage of all the game consoles titles out there are kind of boring and bland. It’s as if, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Not exactly a winning strategy for success. Not exactly something that you want in a game.

Why would you want all this diversity?

Well, you can try different racing strategies, you can try to explore all the different possibilities within the game, you can mix and match characters to your opponents, you can mix and match cars – there are just so many options you can take. That’s the reason why.

So do yourself a very big favor. If you are looking to recapture whatever is awesome, great and memorable about the Super Mario Kart Racing series, take the time to download and install the Mario Kart Double Dash ISO. Mario Kart Double Dash ISO